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Management Support

We have one of the largest Management teams in the region supported by an ace Customer Service team and a battle-tested communication system that guarantees response within the hour and resolution that same day. As a CIMS certified cleaning company, we incorporate industry best practices for work loading, safety and staffing, so that when we promise something we deliver.

We actively manage all the buildings we clean. District Managers are trained to take ownership of each location and build a relationship with the client from the beginning. The district manager walks the building with the client before service begins and personally manages the cleaning crews into the future.

Pure Productive Services is comprised of a team people who believe their business is as much about the art of communication as it is about janitorial services. Our ability to provide excellence depends on the ability to manage concerns and respond to requests.

By empowering our managers to take ownership of their facilities we give our clients one point of contact. The District Manager walks the building with the client before service begins and manages the cleaning program there into the future. We believe that this relationship between manager and client is critical to maintaining the communication that allows for long term, successful cleaning programs.

The elements of our communication system include:

All District Managers Carry Smart Phones and iPads. Each client has a direct link to his manager day or night.

Dedicated Customer Service Representative who monitors all email communication to or from Pure Productive Services headquarters, our Quality Control team, and all District Managers. Email communication from our clients receives a guaranteed response within an hour.

Email Duplication ensures that our Customer Service Representative see all emails coming to or from any member of our Operations Team. This method guarantees that client requests and concerns are addressed and resolved without delay.

Customer Care Procedure which closes the loop on all client requests.

Escalation Protocol which provides the client with a sure path to resolution with any issue or concern.

Lowest Account to Manager Ratio

Part of our Managed Maintenance Solutions approach is to ensure you are provided with a dedicated contact – A District Manager. They will implement our Comprehensive Janitorial Program, a customized plan designed to meet all of your maintenance needs and scheduled tasks, all while achieving your expected level of performance – before emergencies arise!


Employee safety is a crucial element of our Strategic Plan. In a labor-driven industry like ours, safe employees mean lower insurance costs and turnover rates, which translates to more affordable, reliable, high quality service for our clients.

Alfonso E. Montalvo, our COO developed and implemented a comprehensive program that streamlined operations and enhanced our focus on safety. These efforts have virtually eliminated work-related injuries and substantially lowered our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) to one of the lowest of any janitorial and commercial cleaning companies in the Tri-State, NY, NJ, PA area.

We work closely with our Risk Manager to maintain the essentials of a successful safety program:

  • Monthly safety meetings
  • Documented Hazard Communication Program
  • Compliance with all OSHA regulations including the maintenance of SDS books and proper labeling of chemical containers

Training in:

Bloodborne pathogens

Handling and use of chemicals

Use and care of personal protective equipment

Fire prevention and electrical safety

General and job-specific safety procedures

Pure Productive Services safety policies

We partner with our clients in support of safety and workplace illness prevention. We clean for health!

Easy Reporting

Pure Productive Services quality assurance is tracked with CleanTelligent®, the industry leader for comprehensive quality control through its janitorial software solutions. This online reporting, tracking and scheduling software enables us to provide real time information that is customized to our customer’s requirements.

This technology allows us to gather data during inspections, include specific findings as well as tracking and scheduling. We provide a managed analysis, which enables us to adjust and provide immediate solutions and recommendations. Our reporting system:

Provides details inspections

Identifies and monitors trends to improve service

Automatically creates work orders

Identifies deficiencies and escalates notifications

Is smartphone and tablet compatible

Creates customized reports