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As the Top Rated Local® cleaning company in Philadelphia, Pure Productive Services has earned a reputation of providing excellent commercial cleaning services for a wide range of industries in the area. In fact, we do it all, from janitorial services for schools, office buildings, and banks to commercial cleaning services for restaurants, car dealerships, medical facilities, and more. There isn’t a job our professional cleaners and janitorial staff can’t do, so continue reading to learn more about the industries we serve here in Philly!

Car Dealerships

Car dealerships need to be clean, organized, and attractive to potential customers as they browse vehicles and consider making a major purchase at your shop. With so many different car dealerships for customers to choose from, one way to make yours stand out is by hiring a commercial cleaner to keep your windows clean and your floors shiny at all times. First impressions say a lot about a car dealership, and our professional cleaners have what it takes to ensure that first impression is amazing when customers walk through the door.

Office Buildings

A clean work space is the key to happy, productive employees. When you choose Pure Productive Services for your office cleaning needs, we will provide you with a CleanTelligent® Software account, which gives you the freedom to control what tasks are done and when. Whether you need to put in a work order for a specific office cleaning request, like carpet cleaning or pressure washing, or you’re looking to do a deep office clean, our professional cleaners are the ones to call. Hire our experienced office cleaners today!

Banks & Credit Unions

Another main industry we serve here at Pure Productive Services is banks and credit unions throughout Philly. Our team of commercial cleaners has years of experience cleaning office spaces and bank lobbies, so you can rest assured that we will keep your bank squeaky clean without interfering with your daily operations, customer service, and overall organization. Just give our janitorial staff a call and we will work with you to determine the best cleaning schedule for your bank.

Malls & Retail Shops

Anyone whose business is located in a mall knows that these buildings can be a feeding ground for bacteria, grime, and even mold. Keep you and your mall employees safe with regular commercial cleaning services, whether that means daily floor cleaning and window washing or restroom cleaning, escalator cleaning, or any other type of janitorial service.


There are many different health codes and regulations that restaurant owners must abide by, including the cleanliness of their kitchen and dining room space. Our janitorial staff has years of experience keeping restaurants, coffee shops, and cafés clean so they pass health inspections and keep customers happy. Contact us today to use our restaurant cleaning services in Philly!

Schools & Universities

Public schools and universities are always crawling with germs, given that so many students are packed into classrooms, cafeterias, and study areas at once. It is especially important to keep your school clean during flu season and in the early spring, as common colds and seasonal allergies can interfere with student attendance and overall success. Hiring a janitor for your elementary school, middle school, high school, or college is the best way to ensure that your staff and students are healthy all year long.

Medical Facilities

Out of all the industries mentioned above, it is perhaps most important that Urgent Care centers, hospitals, and other medical facilities remain clean at all times. With so many sick patients coming in and out every single day, it is critical to keep surfaces sanitized so diseases don’t spread. If you are in need of janitorial services for your medical facility, contact Pure Productive Services today for a free estimate on our hospital cleaning services in Philadelphia!

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