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At Pure Productive Services, we take pride in being New Jersey’s Top Rated Local® cleaning company, and we continue to provide Philadelphia residents and businesses with exceptional janitorial services every single day. But what exactly makes us the best cleaning company in Philly? It all comes down to our professionalism, thoroughness, and transparency in everything we do. That being said, here are some benefits of choosing us for your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs!

You Are In Control

Unlike other janitorial companies in the area, we give our clients full control over the tasks that they would like our team to complete, as well as when they should be done. We do this by granting all of our clients access to a CleanTelligent® Software account, which they can log into at any time to create custom janitorial plans based on the unique needs of their business. Using this innovative platform, clients can arrange for inspections, work orders, and other items so we know exactly what jobs they need done in addition to our regular janitorial services. Once you submit a request to our team at Pure Productive Services, you will then be notified of the progress with real-time updates and can modify your request at any time.

Quality Of Service

We wouldn’t provide clients with this level of transparency if we weren’t confident in our commercial cleaning and janitorial services, so you can rest assured that we take great care of each and every business we serve. That’s why we allow you to track our janitors’ response times and thoroughness at your leisure using your CleanTelligent account. You can even view, graph, and analyze inspection results based on your original contract with us in order to ensure that every job is completed right the first time. Trust us — you won’t find a cleaning company that is as diligent, prompt, and accountable as Pure Productive Services!

On Demand

As previously mentioned, one thing that makes us the top choice for professional cleaning services in Philadelphia is our dedication to each and every one of our clients, no matter how big or small. When you submit a cleaning request to us via CleanTelligent, the janitors and/or commercial cleaners responsible will be notified immediately. Not only does this speed up our response time to fulfill your request, but it also closes any gaps in communication and allows you to assign tasks from any location. This means that even if you’re home for the night or are out of town, you can keep tabs on our janitors and have various commercial cleaning tasks completed before you return.

Work With Your Schedule

Another major benefit of choosing Pure Productive Services for your janitorial needs is that you can use the CleanTelligent Software to schedule janitorial tasks and commercial cleaning jobs in advance. This allows us to avoid conflicts with your business operations and schedule, which helps to ensure that all work assignments are completed promptly and efficiently. Plus, you can use the platform to see what tasks have yet to be completed and when they will be taken care of so you can plan your work around them. Ready to get started? Contact us to learn more, and book your service today!

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